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What Makes the Best Moving Companies Stand Out

The right moving company can help your move go smoothly. As soon as you know you're moving, you'll begin researching and interviewing potential movers. Here are some characteristics of the best moving companies. Experience The best moving companies will have been in business for several years. They will also have a physical office in your local area. The right one for you will also have experience in moves similar to yours; for example, relocating out of state or an apartment move, etc.

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Tips to Turn a Garage Into a Living Space

For most homeowners, the garage is little more than a storage area - a repository where junk and seasonal items lay dormant until they're needed again. However, there's no reason for a garage to be such a cluttered mess. In fact, with the proper planning and development, you can convert a garage into a decent living space. Whether you're expanding your family or want to make your garage more hospitable to guests, here are the top tips for making your garage more livable.

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4 Steps When Packing Your Large Mirror for Moving

Large mirrors are easy to break and especially easy to break when relocating. So, correctly packing your mirror is crucial because it can save the mirror and prevent an accident that could end with broken glass everywhere. Here is an ideal way to pack your large mirrors for a household move.

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4 Ways to Help Your Home Sell Faster

Staging your home for your upcoming house sale and move is essential. With excellent home staging, your home will likely be sold and off the market quickly. In addition, solid home staging can help your home sell for more money. Here is a guide with some quick tips for staging your home to sell fast.

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5 Quick Ways to Empty a Home When Relocating

Many people take weeks or months to empty a home in preparation for a household move. But, unfortunately, some people only get a week to vacate, possibly even less. Emptying the home takes time, but there are ways to speed up the process. With these tips, you can make more progress each day.

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3 Tips for a Smooth Relocation to Your New Home

Do you have a big relocation approaching? Moving into a new home can be challenging, but having a plan can make the process easier.  Some essential tips can help you transition seamlessly and settle into your new space with minimal stress. 1. Create a Moving Plan and Checklist  Prepare your moving plan as soon as you discover that you will be moving. You should include timelines, checklists, and budgets in your moving plan.

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How to Pack a Large Area Rug

Large area rugs can easily sustain damage during a household relocation. In addition, packaging your large area rug will impact how it weathers throughout your move. Here is one strategy for packing a large area rug before your relocation.

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What to Know About Packing Linens, Pillows, Curtains, and Towels

Linens, pillows, curtains, and towels aren't breakable, so many people give little thought to how they pack these household essentials during a residential relocation. However, the packing process is vital for many reasons and packing the right way matters. If you're packing these items incorrectly, you could have very cumbersome, difficult-to-deal-with boxes and other associated problems. Below we've listed ideal ways to pack your linens, pillows, curtains, and towels. Use Medium Sized Boxes

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Most Common Spots for Left-Behind Belongings During a Move

The average home in the U.S. contains at least 300,000 items. With this information in mind, relocating becomes a monumental task. Unfortunately, between planning, packing, and moving, there is a real chance of leaving something behind. Therefore, stay aware of everything necessary by knowing the common spots movers must remember to check.

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How to Choose a Storage Facility When Moving

The storage industry has become a big business in the last few years. With over 49,000 facilities in the US, many people are using these for short and long-term storage. While the factors that have created this demand vary from person to person, you may need a storage unit now or in the future.

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