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5 Ways to Maintain Organization After Your Move

Even though a household move can seem overwhelming, it's an exciting time to begin a new chapter in your life. Maintaining organization is essential if you want your move to go as smoothly as possible. Getting those moving boxes to your new house is only half the battle. The other half of the challenge is unpacking and staying organized after your move.

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Getting Ready to Move? Declutter Your Stuff First

It is exciting to think about moving—but as soon as you look around at all the stuff you have to pack, you might want to stay where you are! Getting ready for your upcoming move starts with decluttering. You're ready to declutter your house, but how do you decide what's worth keeping? Start Early and Small Taking stock of all your stuff when you know you're moving can be overwhelming. That's why it's best to start small and early.

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Tips to Move Cross-Country With Children

Moving across the country differs from moving down the street or within the same city. While you still need to worry about packing and transporting your items from one place to another, you'll have to consider the length of your trip. Overnight stays with a moving van or movers following behind can complicate things quickly. Making the situation even trickier is when there are kids involved.

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Four Ways to Ensure a Successful Office Move

An office move requires the careful coordination of several major tasks. It requires successful preparation of the new location, arranging to move all the office furniture and equipment, keeping employees engaged and customers happy, and ensuring minimal office disruption. However, many offices change locations every year without disruption. Here are four ways to ensure a successful office move.

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5 Electrical Safety Tips You Need During Your Move

Moving can be a dangerous activity. In addition, a few home systems might put you at risk, particularly your electrical system. Don’t assume your new home’s electrical system is comparable to your old home. Use these tips to ensure you have the power you need and minimize the possibility of risk and injury when making a residential move.

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7 Ways to Help Your Kid Adjust to a New City

Moving to a new city can be challenging for many people, especially children. They are leaving friends and familiar routines behind. In addition, a residential move can be particularly challenging for teens who are already amid other transitions, such as puberty. Fortunately, parents can make the transition easier. Here are seven ways to help your child adjust to a new city.

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Moving for the First Time: Beginner's Tips

Moving for the first time can feel overwhelming. In fact, relocating for the 10th time can feel overwhelming, too. When planning for your first move, it's easy to feel intimidated. But moving doesn't have to be stressful. With some planning and organization, first-time movers can have a smooth experience. These tips can help reduce moving anxiety.

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How to Maximize Space in a Small Bedroom

Moving to a new home can sometimes mean a little less space available. For example, the closet and storage space are sometimes smaller in the new home; other times, you might find the bedroom size reduced.

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How to Make Friends After You Move to a New City

One of the challenges of a residential move is making friends in your new town. While friendships can happen organically, they'll happen much faster if you take some steps to put yourself out there. It might take a little extra effort to connect with and bond with new people, but it will be worth the work if you keep at it.

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Parenting Teens Through a Major Relocation

If you and your family are planning a residential move, you know, there are many details to sort through and put on your to-do list. An essential part of your move is to make sure every family member has a smooth transition from your current house to your brand new one. Relocating can be especially challenging for a teen since they seek stability and fitting in with a group. Teens often perceive moving as a threat to both. Here are some tips for parenting a teen through a significant move.

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