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10 Moving Supplies to Make Sure You Have on Hand for Your Relocation

Before starting a big project, having the right supplies can make all the difference. Moving is no different, so gather your supplies before packing for your household move. Your moving supplies will help you pack faster and stay organized. Here's a guide to help you prepare with the right moving supplies.

1. Moving Cartons

Buy a variety of sturdy moving cartons in different sizes to fit differing items. Small boxes work well for dishes and books, while medium and large boxes work for clothes, bedding, and lighter household items. Consider using specialty boxes for delicate items such as mirrors, artwork, and electronics.

2. Packing Tape and Dispenser

Stock up on high-quality packing tape and a sturdy tape dispenser to securely seal your moving boxes. Opt for durable, reinforced packing tape that won't easily tear or break during transit. A tape dispenser makes the packing process faster and more efficient, allowing you to seal boxes quickly and securely.

3. Bubble Wrap and Packing Paper

Protect fragile items from damage during transit by securely wrapping them in packing paper or bubble wrap. Use bubble wrap to cushion delicate items such as glassware, dishes, and electronics, and use packing paper to fill empty spaces within boxes and provide additional padding. Be generous with packing materials to ensure that fragile items are well-protected during the move.

4. Packing Peanuts or Foam Pouches

Consider packing peanuts or foam pouches to protect fragile items and fill empty spaces within boxes. Packing peanuts helps to cushion items and prevent shifting during transit, while foam pouches are ideal for wrapping delicate items individually for added protection.

5. Furniture Covers and Moving Blankets

Use furniture covers and moving blankets to shield your furniture from dents, scratches, and other harm. Wrap large pieces of furniture such as sofas, mattresses, and dressers in moving blankets to prevent damage during handling and transportation. Use furniture covers to shield upholstered furniture from dust, dirt, and moisture during the move.

6. Mattress Bags and Box Springs Covers

Keep your mattresses and box springs clean and protected during the move by using mattress bags and box spring covers. These protective covers shield your bedding from dust, stains, and damage during transportation and storage. Choose mattress bags and box spring covers made of durable, waterproof material for maximum protection.

7. Hand Truck or Dolly

Invest in a dolly or hand truck to make moving heavy objects more manageable and safer. Using a hand truck lowers your risk of strain or injury during the move by making it easier to move appliances, furniture, and boxes. Look for a hand truck with pneumatic tires and a strong frame for stable and smooth movement.

8. Moving Straps and Tie-Downs

Secure the heavy items and furniture in place during transit using moving straps and tie-downs. These movable straps lessen the chance of damage and provide a smoother ride by keeping objects from moving or sliding around inside the moving truck. Use moving straps to secure large, bulky items such as appliances, mattresses, and furniture.

9. Utility Knife or Box Cutter

Keep a utility knife or box cutter on hand for easy access when unpacking boxes. Use it to cut through packing tape, open boxes, and break down cardboard for recycling. A sharp utility knife makes the unpacking process faster and more efficient, allowing you to access your belongings and settle into your new home quickly.

10. Marker or Labeling System

To stay organized during the packing process, use a marker or labeling system to identify each box's contents clearly. To facilitate unpacking, label boxes with the room they belong to and a brief description of their contents. Consider color-coding boxes or using a numbering system to streamline the process further.

Relocation Simplified

By being prepared with the right moving supplies, you can protect your belongings, streamline the packing process, and ensure a successful and stress-free move to your new home. Invest in high-quality moving supplies and equipment to make the moving process as smooth and efficient as possible.

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