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A Home With an HOA May Be Right for You

When searching for a new place to live, it’s wise to consider many different features, such as the neighborhood, the style of the house itself, and its proximity to various amenities. One element that may influence your decision is whether the place is part of a homeowners association (HOA). Although HOAs can sometimes get a negative reputation, they often offer valuable benefits that make it worthwhile to become an active member. If you're unfamiliar with how these organizations work, here are...

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5 Ways to Choose Grocery Stores After Your Household Move

After you arrive in your new home, a grocery trip is one of the first things you’ll do. If you research in advance, you’ll know where to go. The grocery stores might be different when you’re moving a long distance. You’ll need to make choices quickly. Here are five ways to simplify the process so you don’t have to waste time when you get there.

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Ways to Check for Pests Before You Move In

Everyone wants to avoid bringing pests to a new home when making a household move. So how do you know if your new home has them? Pests are sneaky and sometimes hard to find. It’s even more difficult after you move in. Here are five things to look for before moving in. 1. Pest Droppings in Cabinets When you look at a home, you’re probably not spending much time searching the corners or hidden places. But, before you unpack, that’s what you should do to find pests.

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7 Things to Do Right After a Move

Moving day is almost over, and you are (more than) ready to settle into your new home. But before you start unpacking and putting items away, there are still a few more boxes to check off on the to-do list. Though you're likely ready to relax, taking the time to complete these simple tasks will set you up for future success. Here are five things to do right after your residential move.

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5 Ways to Maintain Organization After Your Move

Even though a household move can seem overwhelming, it's an exciting time to begin a new chapter in your life. Maintaining organization is essential if you want your move to go as smoothly as possible. Getting those moving boxes to your new house is only half the battle. The other half of the challenge is unpacking and staying organized after your move.

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Getting Ready to Move? Declutter Your Stuff First

It is exciting to think about moving—but as soon as you look around at all the stuff you have to pack, you might want to stay where you are! Getting ready for your upcoming move starts with decluttering. You're ready to declutter your house, but how do you decide what's worth keeping? Start Early and Small Taking stock of all your stuff when you know you're moving can be overwhelming. That's why it's best to start small and early.

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Tips to Move Cross-Country With Children

Moving across the country differs from moving down the street or within the same city. While you still need to worry about packing and transporting your items from one place to another, you'll have to consider the length of your trip. Overnight stays with a moving van or movers following behind can complicate things quickly. Making the situation even trickier is when there are kids involved.

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Four Ways to Ensure a Successful Office Move

An office move requires the careful coordination of several major tasks. It requires successful preparation of the new location, arranging to move all the office furniture and equipment, keeping employees engaged and customers happy, and ensuring minimal office disruption. However, many offices change locations every year without disruption. Here are four ways to ensure a successful office move.

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5 Electrical Safety Tips You Need During Your Move

Moving can be a dangerous activity. In addition, a few home systems might put you at risk, particularly your electrical system. Don’t assume your new home’s electrical system is comparable to your old home. Use these tips to ensure you have the power you need and minimize the possibility of risk and injury when making a residential move.

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7 Ways to Help Your Kid Adjust to a New City

Moving to a new city can be challenging for many people, especially children. They are leaving friends and familiar routines behind. In addition, a residential move can be particularly challenging for teens who are already amid other transitions, such as puberty. Fortunately, parents can make the transition easier. Here are seven ways to help your child adjust to a new city.

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