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Brokerage/ Logistics

In affiliation with Mayflower Transit and the Freight Forwarding division, Ramar Transportation & Logistics Group, Inc. can offer logistic solutions to manage large specialized shipments. Boats, Tanks, Aircraft, and large machinery are just a few of the challenging commodities that the Logistics Management team can plan for you. Brokerage services can provide:

  • Oversized/specialized transportation
  • A one-stop source for freight forwarding
  • Arrangement of loading and unloading
  • Transit permits and route surveys
  • Flatbed service- Flat, single, double, expandable, removable gooseneck
  • Escort service- Pilot, front & rear, pole car
  • Air-ride equipped vans
  • Satellite tracking and communications
  • Tow-away, rail, cryogenic & team service
  • Climate control vans that regulate the temperature and humidity