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7 Things to Do Right After a Move

Moving day is almost over, and you are (more than) ready to settle into your new home.

But before you start unpacking and putting items away, there are still a few more boxes to check off on the to-do list. Though you're likely ready to relax, taking the time to complete these simple tasks will set you up for future success.

Here are five things to do right after your residential move.

1. Call a Locksmith

One of the first items on your post-move to-do list should be changing the locks. You might feel like you're being a bit cautious, but it's simply the smart thing to do.

Even if you know and trust the previous residents, you don't have any way of knowing who may have a copy of the keys. So there's no need to risk it — have a locksmith change the locks on all exterior doors and windows. Or, if you're feeling handy, change the locks yourself.

2. Snap Some Photos

Whether you rent or purchase your new home, take a few pictures while the rooms are still (relatively) empty. Photos document the condition the property is in on move-in day.

This can help renters get their security deposit back at the end of their lease. For owners, photos can pinpoint any damage between the home inspection and moving day.

3. Register Your Car

If you've got a car and a driver's license, you'll need to take steps quickly after moving to stay legal. Though each state has its specific requirements, all have rules that govern licensing.

Visit your local department of motor vehicles website or office soon after your move to find out what you need to do. You'll most likely need to register your car and change your address.

4. Register to Vote

Register to vote if you've moved to a new state or legislative district. You won't want to miss any elections, whether local, state, or federal.

Sometimes, your voter registration will take a couple of weeks to process and become active. But, again, you can check online to find deadlines for your specific area.

5. Work on Painting and Flooring

Painting walls and installing new flooring are much easier in an empty home. If you have time before you need to unpack, take the opportunity to make these changes.

If you're planning on a new floor and fresh paint, doing it all at once in an empty house makes both tasks much more manageable.

6. Taking Out Popcorn Ceilings

Another task that's much simpler in an empty room is removing a popcorn ceiling!

Getting rid of the texture is much easier when you don't have to protect furniture and other belongings below. The lack of electrical cords and appliances makes the task safer, as well.

7 Find Where to Place Your Trash and Recycling

Moving and unpacking can generate a lot of recycling, such as cardboard and packing paper. Trash is another byproduct.

Determining your trash and recycling pickup day and location is essential. The days after a move aren't the time to miss pick-up day!

Moving Made Easy

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