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5 Ways to Choose Grocery Stores After Your Household Move

After you arrive in your new home, a grocery trip is one of the first things you’ll do. If you research in advance, you’ll know where to go.

The grocery stores might be different when you’re moving a long distance. You’ll need to make choices quickly.

Here are five ways to simplify the process so you don’t have to waste time when you get there.

1. Research Parent Companies

If you have a favorite grocery store near your current home, there’s a possibility of a similar one near your new home. Search for companies of the same name.

If your typical supermarket chain doesn’t have locations in your new area, research who owns the grocery stores. You may find a similar one with a different name.

Stores under the same parent company may have a familiar look and feel. As a result, you’ll have an easier time finding what you need.

2. Set Priorities

Most people have one or two stores that they go to when they shop. Of course, you’ll likely need to choose more than one, but you should focus on the priority items.

On your shopping list, you probably have several things you must get every time, plus a few goods that are nice to have. So use that as a basis to set your priorities.

If you have the time, it’s worth investigating where you will go shopping that you don’t do as frequently. Bulk stores, local farms, and butchers may take additional research.

3. Look for Convenience

As you make a list of potential grocery stores, think about convenience. When are you most likely to shop? Is it better to have one close to home or right next to work?

Research traffic patterns so you can feel what it will be like to shop there at your desired time. Plan routes to get there from home, work, or other nearby places.

Your favorite store might be in your area but not close to your new home. Next, you’ll need to decide if the consistency is worth the inconvenience.

4. Get Recommendations

You can always ask for recommendations if you know anyone who lives in your new area. Most people are happy to share their favorites.

Be sure to ask what people like to buy there. For instance, you won’t know about the quality of the produce, if the person you ask never buys that.

Getting suggestions is an important step if you prefer to shop at small businesses. However, you may also need to visit the stores in person to see if they will meet your needs.

5. Select Backups

Since most people shop at more than one place, you’ll need some backups. Even if you want to shop at the same store, finding multiple locations is a good idea.

You may not know if the store you choose has something about it that doesn’t work for you, like an unusual schedule or a small parking lot. It’s better to have a handful of stores you can check out when you arrive.

Moving Ins and Outs

Establishing your life in your new home includes finding places to shop, like grocery stores. So to take the stress out of your upcoming move, contact us today.