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Moving? Some Pointers for Packing Your Basement!

Basements can be very convenient as extra living space, a workshop, a personal gym, and, in many cases, a laundry room. However, basements can often be a catch-all for things you don’t use routinely. For example, it’s wise to give the basement some attention if you are packing for a move. Not only will clearing out the basement help you organize, but it might also help lighten your load.   Here are some tips for tackling your basement when packing for your residential move.

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Pros and Cons of Planning a Winter Move

In the U.S., the peak moving season runs from roughly May to September. Estimates vary, depending upon which ones you read, but generally, 70%-80% of moves take place between these months. If you are seeking to move in an off-peak time of year, winter is probably your best bet since only a small percentage of moves, in comparison, take place during the chilliest times of the year.

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Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

You can lessen the impact of your residential move on the environment by following a few tips. Declutter One of the simplest ways to reduce the environmental impact of your relocation is to get rid of unnecessary items. The less stuff you have to move, the less energy you'll need to move it.

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Charities That Will Pick Up Your Donations

One of the keys to a successful move is to de-clutter beforehand. You may have items you don't want to move but still have some wear left. One way to dispose of these items is to give them to a charity. Donating to charity helps the environment by repurposing and reusing items. It also may help you save on your taxes. Some charities will pick up your donation, making your life much easier. Here's a guide to charities that will pick up donations when you are preparing for your residential move.

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Budgeting For a Move: Commonly Overlooked Expenses

It's no secret that moving can be costly. When you think of moving expenses, you probably think of the big-ticket stuff, including hiring movers and renting a moving truck. However, some lesser-known moving expenses can add up quickly, so budget and prepare for your residential relocation.

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Tips on Moving With a Newborn

Having a baby is a huge milestone that changes your life. However, what if you just had a baby and need to relocate? There could be multiple reasons for such significant events back-to-back, but what's the best action plan if you find yourself in this situation? While each instance is unique, here are some tips and tricks to make your household relocation as easy and smooth as possible.

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How to Pack as Much as Possible Into as Few Boxes as Possible (Without Breaking Your Back)

Packing is typically the most challenging and time-consuming part of a residential move. While you know you need boxes, are you packing them as efficiently as possible? Similarly, although it might be tempting to use fewer large boxes and just toss everything into those, it's better to be strategic with your packing containers. Also, a full large box can get pretty heavy, so you must consider your carrying abilities and the box's strength.

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Investigating a Home's Past Before Buying

Every house has a unique history. While some historical anecdotes are fascinating, others may raise questions that you should carefully research before making an offer. Here are some ways to explore a home's past before buying it and moving in.

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5 Things to Do Before Moving to a New City

All residential moves come with challenges. The transition from one city to another can be especially tricky. Feeling at home in a new location can take time, and it isn’t easy to know a lot about an area until you are actually a resident. To help make your residential relocation painless, look at a few things to do before moving to a new city. 

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5 Tips for Packing Neatly to Reduce Wrinkles and Excess Washing When Moving

Clothing can comprise many of your must-have belongings when making a household move. Therefore, packing your clothing when you relocate can be a significant process. Plus, you don't want to work harder than you must or do a bunch of laundry when you get to the new place. Check out these tips to help you avoid wrinkles, dirty laundry, or damaged clothing during a move.

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