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Tips for Moving Oversized Objects

Ideally, when moving, you can pack everything into boxes that are easy to carry and stack. However, many of your belongings, particularly furniture and decorative items, won't fit into a box.

Some of your belongings may be much trickier to move than you realize. Oversized items can slow the household moving process, especially if they have odd angles or weigh a lot. As with everything else, planning can help alleviate many of the problems you might encounter, so let's break down the best tips for moving these oversized belongings.

Step One: Reduce Its Weight as Much as Possible

As a rule, the larger an item is, the heavier it is. While this may not be true for some decorative pieces, it's likely the case for more oversized furniture, such as couches, bed frames, bookcases, and more.

So, the first step is to reduce the weight as much as possible. Sometimes, this may mean disassembling the item into smaller pieces. In some cases, this may even mean deconstructing it by removing screws, glue, and other fasteners. If you have to go that route, keep everything organized and mark where specific fasteners go. This way, it's much easier to reconstruct the piece once it's in place.

Step Two: Protect Any Weak Points

Just because an item is heavy doesn't mean it isn't fragile. For example, a chandelier can be pretty heavy, but if made of glass or crystal, it could break or shatter if you're not careful.

Similarly, some furniture pieces may have weak points that could break if you put too much pressure on them. Not all furniture is meant to be carried or moved in different positions, so you must be careful.

The easiest way to protect these weak spots is by using bubble wrap, moving tape, and padding. If you're unsure where a weak point is, wrap the entire piece to be safe.

Step Three: Enlist Help

Even if an oversized item is light enough to carry on your own, its shape and size will likely make moving it more difficult without help. A second or third person can serve as a guide, moving the different parts around corners or between doorways. Thankfully, if you already have friends or movers assisting you with your transition, it's easy to get one or two of them to help with an oversized item.

Step Four: Use Tools and Moving Equipment

Hand trucks, dollies, and moving straps are all hugely beneficial when moving heavy or oversized belongings. Sometimes, you can easily attach cloth feet to the bottom of a piece and slide it on the floor.

Overall, it pays to invest in this kind of equipment because it will make the job so much easier. Now, instead of straining your back or pulling a muscle, you can move the item wherever you want without overexerting yourself.

Get Help Moving Your Oversize Objects With Us!

If moving oversized belongings stresses you out, you can relax and let us handle the burden! Our experienced movers have dealt with all kinds of furniture and heavy objects, and we know how to move it without damaging it or anything else in the house. Contact us today to find out how we can help!