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Considerations for Flying or Driving Your Long-Distance Move

Moving long distances offers exciting possibilities! Aside from moving to a new home, you have a rare opportunity to explore on your way. How will you decide to fly or drive for your long-distance move? Let’s look at things to consider while weighing your decision.

How Far is the New Home?

Distance should be a significant consideration. If you’re moving cross-country, traveling by air might be more sensible. On the other hand, driving might be practical if you’re only moving across a couple of states. Another question to ask yourself is whether there is an easily accessible airport at both ends of your trip. If not, flying may create many complicated (and expensive) logistical details to figure out.

How Much Will Each Option Cost?

Many people move with either a specific or general budget in mind. If costs matter, consider the following:

  • What will be the total cost of airline tickets for my household members?

  • How much does it cost to ship a car to my destination?

  • Will I arrive before my car and need to get a rental?

  • How much will gas, tolls, and lodging cost?

  • Is my car up for a long-distance drive?

  • How reliable is my car, and is the chance of experiencing unexpected expensive repairs on the road worth the risk?

Chances are, if doing a straight run, driving will be the less expensive option, but this can vary depending on individual circumstances.

Who is Traveling With You?

Your fellow travelers are another vital consideration. If traveling alone, remember to keep safety in mind as you’re the only driver. Think about stamina. You also probably don’t want to be in rural areas by yourself where cellphone service may be spotty. Are you traveling with kids? Long road trips can be challenging. Consider their ages and whether they can tolerate being in a car for hours.

Do you have pets? Can your pets make the trip by car or air? In either case, they should travel in an appropriate pet carrier, so familiarize them with the carrier leading up to your move. If you decide to make the road trip, plan for extra stops for them for potty breaks and exercise.

Are You in a Hurry to Arrive?

Flying is likely the fastest option if you’re rushing to get to your new home. You can be across the country in less than a day instead of several days. If you need to get to a new job or start the kids in school, how fast you need to get to your new home will matter.

On the other hand, if you have plenty of time, driving offers the opportunity to explore the country and enjoy a rare chance to have a pre-moving vacation. See landmarks you would otherwise never see, visit distant family and friends, explore national parks, or simply explore cities you’ve never been to.

Driving cross-country is a unique experience that might be hard to pass up. However, driving may be less appealing if you’re an avid traveler. Weigh the pros and cons to see which option is better for you and your family.

Are You Ready to Plan Your Long-Distance Move?

Regardless of whether you choose to fly or drive to your home’s location, it is a personal preference, but time and budget may dictate decisions. Either way, you’ll need to have a plan to move your belongings. When ready to plan your long-distance move, give us a call. We’re happy to provide you with a free quote!