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What Makes the Best Moving Companies Stand Out

The right moving company can help your move go smoothly. As soon as you know you're moving, you'll begin researching and interviewing potential movers. Here are some characteristics of the best moving companies.


The best moving companies will have been in business for several years. They will also have a physical office in your local area. The right one for you will also have experience in moves similar to yours; for example, relocating out of state or an apartment move, etc.

You also want movers who have performed well throughout their history. Check reviews, ask for references, and call them. Also, check the company's history with the Better Business Bureau and the DOT.


The best moving companies will have the proper credentials. States vary, but most require the mover to have a federal Department of Transportation number. Interstate movers are required to have a DOT number. Movers with a federal DOT number will list it in their advertisements and websites.

Some moving companies opt to attain additional credentials, such as the American Moving & Storage Association's ProMover program certification.


Your moving company should have the right resources, like trained staff, trucks, and equipment, to perform your move successfully. Be sure to also ask about staff training and whether moving company employees or contractors will complete your move.

Accurate and Clear Estimates

The best moving companies will present precise estimates with no hidden costs. You should always seek in-person quotes and receive estimates from several movers before deciding. Ask what goes into the price; for example, the weight of items, unique items, or location.

Also, note whether the estimate is binding or non-binding. A binding estimate will not change on a moving day.

If one moving company presents a much lower estimate than the others, carefully question why. The lowest price is not necessarily the best. Less reputable companies will lowball prices, then keep your belongings until you pay more.

Also, be wary of companies that ask for large deposits upfront. Most reliable movers will ask for about 20 percent.

Good Communications Skills

The best moving companies will take the time to listen to you and offer advice on your situation. They'll be willing to come to your home to see what you want to move and answer any questions. They'll be courteous and honest. They'll ask intelligent questions and provide insightful comments. However, be wary of movers who don't want to visit your home or don't seem to have any questions.

Storage Options

You may need storage services before moving or during a renovation period. A long-standing, reliable moving company will have plenty of storage space that is both climate-controlled and secure. This lessens the hassle of finding a storage facility while you're relocating.

Connect with Reliable Movers

When you work with a reputable mover, you can move with confidence. Reputable movers provide distinctive, tailored, and reliable services. They are very thorough in their estimates and use only full-time experts. 

We are a top mover with experience, good communications, transparent, honest pricing, and much more. Contact us for a free estimate.