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How to Get Employees Motivated After an Office Move

Moving your office takes a toll on everyone, including your employees. The change in workflow and routine, the potential added work, and the adjustment to a new location can be a lot to handle. Therefore, employee motivation may be lacking once you get settled.  Look at a few tips to inject inspiration into your team after an office move.

Give Employees Some Time Off to Recuperate

The Society for Human Resource Management says time off can boost employees. They often return to work with a better mentality, feeling less stressed, and can be more productive because of the break. If the move was incredibly stressful, giving your employees the option of taking some time off could be good. For example, if you had to move with a tight deadline or the employee workload was excessive during the move, a little time to rest and recuperate may be warranted.

Create a New Incentive for the Team

Once you are in the new office location and all systems are working, consider planning a few employee incentives to motivate everyone. Business News Daily states that employee incentives boost employee morale and encourage the team to offer their best work. So consider some small incentives and reasonable rewards to get everyone back in the game. For example, a call center could provide small treat bags for employees that get five-star positive feedback or if a certain number of tasks are completed.

Pencil Something Fun into the Schedule

Having something on the workday schedule to look forward to can work wonders for employee motivation. And, the something to look forward to doesn't have to be anything significant, either. You simply need something out of the ordinary, such as:

  • An optional extra 30 minutes of lunchtime on a Monday

  • Something food-related, such as an office-wide bring-your-favorite-cookie day or Taco Tuesday

  • A fun set of themed days, such as Crazy Hat Day or Team Spirit Day

  • An exciting event, such as a special game of office Bingo or trivia challenges with prizes

Take the Time to Meet the Needs of Employees

The move can be stressful for every team member, not just owners and upper management. After the major transition, hold a few good meetings with open lines of communication. Find out what your employees need and ask about their concerns. For example, something as easy to overlook as an added 10 minutes of commute time could be problematic for some team members. By allowing employees to voice their concerns, you can work toward implementing solutions, such as adjusting the required clock-in time.

Gain Time to Focus on Employee Morale with the Help of an Office Moving Company

An office move can require a substantial amount of time and attention. However, your employees are one of the most critical parts of the equation to remember. If you are looking for support during your office move, so you can focus on the essential elements of running your business, contact us to discuss your needs. As full-service movers, we can help with everything from planning and logistics to computer and electronics recycling.