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How to Pack as Much as Possible Into as Few Boxes as Possible (Without Breaking Your Back)

Packing is typically the most challenging and time-consuming part of a residential move. While you know you need boxes, are you packing them as efficiently as possible? Similarly, although it might be tempting to use fewer large boxes and just toss everything into those, it's better to be strategic with your packing containers. Also, a full large box can get pretty heavy, so you must consider your carrying abilities and the box's strength.

With these issues in mind, let's break down how to pack as much as possible into as few boxes as possible without breaking your back.

Step One: Create A Workstation

The first step is setting up a packing station with a table, chair, assorted boxes, packing paper, and a moving supply caddy. To avoid straining your back while packing boxes, place the box on top of the chair and your packing materials and supply caddy on the table next to the chair. 

Step Two: Start With Larger Items

The best way to pack boxes is to group similar items together. Usually, this means packing items from the same room (i.e., the bathroom). When starting, figure out how to pack larger items so that they will fit as neatly as possible. Also, remember that you can set some things on their side or upside down to get them to fit better.

As you pack these larger belongings, make sure the box is manageable. If it’s too heavy, move some items to another box before proceeding to step two.

Step Three: Fill in Spaces With Smaller, Lighter Items

Once you have placed the more oversized belongings, there will likely be gaps between everything. Now, you can take smaller, lighter items and fill these spaces.

If you don't have items that fit the box's theme, you can use belongings from other areas to plug the gaps. Also, consider using the space for clothing or linens. This way, you can protect the items and maximize the packing space.

Step Four: Nest Boxes Inside Each Other

Nesting boxes into each other is a great way to stay organized and keep smaller items from getting lost in the shuffle. For example, you can have a smaller box with toiletries and then put that in a larger box with other bathroom essentials (e.g., hairdryer, towels, etc.).

The added benefit of nesting these boxes is that you can keep everything organized once you reach your destination. It's much easier to keep smaller items on hand when storing them in smaller containers, so you don't have to unpack them immediately.

Step Five: Label Boxes On Sides

Label the boxes with the room they belong in and a description of their contents. Be sure to label the box "fragile" if the contents are delicate. If you use plastic bins or do not want to write directly on the box, you can also use moving labels.

Get Help With Moving Your Belongings

Once you have your packing done, we can help you move everything to your new place. If you're still dreading the packing process, we can take care of that, too! Contact us for a free estimate, and we can help you settle quickly.