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5 Tips for Packing Neatly to Reduce Wrinkles and Excess Washing When Moving

Clothing can comprise many of your must-have belongings when making a household move. Therefore, packing your clothing when you relocate can be a significant process. Plus, you don't want to work harder than you must or do a bunch of laundry when you get to the new place.

Check out these tips to help you avoid wrinkles, dirty laundry, or damaged clothing during a move.

1. Invest in the Best Packing Containers

You may be tempted to drop everything into containers you already have, and a garbage bag may seem logical. However, you need suitable packing containers if you want your clothing to arrive clean, wrinkle-free, and unharmed. The best moving packages for clothing include:

  • Wardrobe boxes

  • Suitcases

  • Vacuum Bags

  • Structurally sound cardboard boxes

Each type of container can be best for different types of clothing articles. For example, wardrobe boxes are perfect for clothes that wrinkle easily or take up too much space in a box because of bulky material. By contrast, suitcases (or even backpacks or duffel bags) work well for socks, undergarments, and shoes. Vacuum bags are a good choice for clothing not prone to wrinkling that takes up a lot of space, such as heavy knit sweaters or puffy jackets.

Leaving folded garments in a dresser and sealing the drawers is another smart way to transport them. You can avoid buying more cardboard boxes by simply moving the dresser instead. Consult with your moving company to confirm that you can pack things in your dresser drawers.


2. Launder Clothing as You Pack

Clothing can pick up odors simply by hanging in a closet unworn and unwashed for long periods. If you're keen on having a fresh start when you arrive and unpack, consider laundering clothing that has sat idle for a while. Your clothes will look and smell fresh, and there will be no danger of odor contamination between clothing articles in a packed container.

3. Avoid Overstuffing Packing Boxes

You can contain folded laundry in a sturdy cardboard box. For example, jeans, tee shirts, and everyday clothing you usually keep in your drawers can be tucked into a box for the move. However, one rule to remember is to avoid overstuffing your boxes. Generally, you can compress clothes relatively easily to fit more inside. However, the more you squeeze some items, the more wrinkled they will be when you pull them out. Also, as you pack, use your hands to smooth out fabric wrinkles and creases.

4. Keep Clothing on Hangers When Possible

Your best bet is to keep delicate clothing on hangers, so investing in a few wardrobe boxes is a good idea. These boxes contain a crossbar that allows you to hang items like dresses, jackets, and other things that can be difficult to launder and easily wrinkled.

5. Use Protective Plastic When Necessary

You may need a little added protection if you are moving during the rain, high humidity levels, or even snow and ice.  For example, if your folded clothing is packed only in cardboard boxes, it can absorb moisture if it rains. If you intend to keep your clothing packed for an extended period, the moisture could lead to issues with mildew or odors. Therefore, wrap the boxes in plastic for transport.

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