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Craft Your Moving Timeline

A successful move requires planning and organization. One way to get organized and stay on track is to develop a moving timeline.

Three Months Out

  • Start sorting and purging your belongings. Purge unused appliances, clothes you haven't worn for years, towels and curtains that need repair, outdated calendars, damaged furniture, and any item that you are unlikely to use in your new home, or that will cost more to move than replace.

  • Create a moving budget. Decide whether you need help packing or will be able to accomplish it yourself.

  • Gather packing supplies such as boxes, tape, markers, labels, and packing materials.

Two Months Out

  • Begin interviewing potential household movers.

  • Contact schools to begin the transfer process.

  • Contact doctors, dentists, veterinarians, accountants, and other professionals to see whether they have recommendations in your new location.

  • Determine insurance needs for your new home and contact insurers.

  • Notify the landlord, if applicable, that you are moving.

  • Begin packing seldom-used items.

Six Weeks Out

  • If you need to do work in your new home, begin contacting contractors. Many repairs and renovations are less expensive if you do them before you move in your furniture.

  • Choose a moving company and finalize the date.

  • Book time off from work, if needed.

  • Cancel or transfer memberships.

One Month Out

  • Notify utilities of your move. Arrange for utility cutoffs at your current home and activation of service at your new home.

  • Buy furniture you'll need in your new home and schedule delivery for after you arrive.

  • If you are obtaining a mortgage, contact your lender to be sure you're on track.

  • Find babysitters and pet sitters for moving day.

  • Begin packing closets, leaving only the clothing you'll need for the next month.

  • Continue packing all nonessential items.

  • Fill out a change of address form with the postal service.

  • Inventory food and make a plan to eat it before moving day, if possible.

Three Weeks Out

  • Tell all your friends, if you haven't already, about your moving date.

  • Buy any appliances you need for the new home and schedule delivery for after you arrive.

  • Empty any rooms that you don't need and clean them thoroughly.

  • Refill any prescriptions you'll need for the next month.

  • If you have a home security system, arrange for it to be disconnected.

Two Weeks Out

  • If you are moving far away, have your car serviced to avoid unexpected car problems on the road.

  • Keep packing, leaving out only those items that you have to use for the next few weeks.

One Week Out

  • Drain any machines that have gas in them.

  • Begin packing your essentials box.

  • Clean your old place.

  • Clean your new place.

  • Notify neighbors that you are moving and arrange space for the moving van in front of your home.

One Day Out

  • Pack toiletries.

  • Pack up or dispose of remaining food.

  • Make a final sweep through your old place for anything you've forgotten.

Moving Day

  • Make sure you have finished packing before the movers arrive.

  • Clear all pathways leading up to your home.

  • Ensure you know where the fuse box is and where to cut the water off in your home.

  • Unpack your essentials box

Day After Move

  • Inspect your new home.

  • Plan some time to relax and decompress.


Moving Made Easy

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