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Preparing Your Home to Sell

Are you thinking of putting your home on the market? If you're like most home sellers, you probably have two goals in mind: Selling your home quickly and for the highest possible price.

How you prepare your home for sale can help you achieve both.

When preparing your home for the market, a bit of planning and elbow grease go a long way. Read on to learn how to prep your home for sale.

Take a Step Back and Detach

One of the first things to do when preparing to sell your home is to detach yourself emotionally from the process.

Though it may be challenging, taking a step back will help you view your home as a potential homebuyer would. Emotional attachment to a house makes it harder to make changes that will attract buyers and result in a quick sale.

Give yourself time to realize that a home is more about the people who live there rather than the space itself. This process will help you with the next steps.

Declutter Your Space

When a potential buyer tours your home, you want it to look as clean and well-maintained as possible. Getting rid of clutter is the first step.

Clearing away unessential decor and large furniture pieces will free up room, making your home appear airy and spacious. Try to clear out at least one-third of your belongings; packing them up and moving them to a storage unit offers a simple solution.

Plus, the house will be easier to clean and maintain with less stuff in it. This will simplify your life when it comes time for open houses and home showings.

Bonus: Clearing clutter now will help you get a head start on the packing process. You'll thank yourself on packing day!

Depersonalize Your Home

When your house is on the market, you want it to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. That means depersonalizing your home and replacing your style with neutral decor.

Why? Because when a home is packed full of knick-knacks, tchotchkes, and other personal items, such as family photos, it's hard for house hunters to imagine themselves living in the space.

The same principle applies to home decor. Create a blank canvas by removing personal items, painting the walls a neutral color, and making space for potential buyers to picture themselves (and their style) in the home.

Take Care of Repairs

If you've been putting off any home repairs, now's the time to get them done. Potential buyers prefer a well-maintained home, and in a hot market, a home that appears well-cared for can make all the difference.

So touch up that peeling paint, fix that leaky faucet, and replace those burned-out light bulbs. Taking care of maintenance issues will help you justify your asking price and attract more buyers.

You may want to take it a step further and up your home's curb appeal, too. After all, you want house hunters' first impression to be positive. Trimming the grass and planting some bright flowers will improve your home's appeal with little effort on your part.

Ready to Move Out?

Taking the time to declutter, depersonalize, repair and improve your home's appeal will help you get your home ready to sell. Soon, you'll be on track for a quicker sale at the price you desire.

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