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Most Common Spots for Left-Behind Belongings During a Move

The average home in the U.S. contains at least 300,000 items. With this information in mind, relocating becomes a monumental task. Unfortunately, between planning, packing, and moving, there is a real chance of leaving something behind. Therefore, stay aware of everything necessary by knowing the common spots movers must remember to check.

Check out a few common locations on a residential property where things get left behind during a household relocation.

High Shelves in the Garage

Do you have shelves in your garage? If so, grab a stepladder and do a quick run-through of the shelves before you leave your old home for the last time. Unfortunately, this area often becomes a catch-all for many odd-and-end items. And those items commonly get pushed to the back of shelves where they are challenging to see.

Tucked in the Back of Lower Kitchen Cabinets

The lower kitchen cabinets are typically unlit storage spaces with dark corners. Additionally, if you are not at eye level with the shelves here, you can easily overlook items like small pans, baking sheets, and pan lids. Renters and new homebuyers commonly find items the previous dwellers left behind in the lower kitchen cabinets. Grab a flashlight and get down to the floor to ensure you are not leaving anything behind when packing the kitchen.

Beneath Appliances

If you are not taking appliances with you when you move, move them from their positions. Many items can slip beneath a heavy appliance and get left behind. In addition, people often find many things, from paper documents to toys and magnets, when they move their appliances. Therefore, check beneath the washer, dryer, refrigerator, stove, and other devices when making your final rounds.

In Dark Closet Corners and Attics

Leaving something behind in a closet is easy, especially since closets are not always the most well-lit areas of a home. Pay close attention to dark corners in the closet, but grab a stepping stool or ladder and examine upper shelves that may be hiding some items you don't immediately see from the ground. For example, flat photo albums or envelopes can be practically invisible when placed on a higher shelf. Also, remember to check the house attic, garage attic, and crawl space.


According to Real Homes, a few items that commonly get left behind during a residential move include:

  • Plant containers and pots

  • Stepladders

  • Keys

While plant pots and stepladders are a given, you may forget to grab your hidden house key when you step away from the house for the last time. So before leaving the old house behind, take a quick walk around the lawn and any exterior areas to ensure you don't spot something you've left behind.

Ready to get your residential move off to the best start?

Moving involves relocating potentially thousands of items from one place to the next. But having a little help along the way can help you ensure you don't leave anything behind.

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