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How to Make Friends After You Move to a New City

One of the challenges of a residential move is making friends in your new town. While friendships can happen organically, they'll happen much faster if you take some steps to put yourself out there. It might take a little extra effort to connect with and bond with new people, but it will be worth the work if you keep at it.

Ask Your Old Friends for Help

Someone in your circle of friends in your old city may have a friend in your new city. Ask around to see who might know someone and be willing to help you make a connection. Knowing that you can meet up with one new person right away also may boost your spirits.

Consider Your Passions

One of the best ways to meet and connect with folks is through shared common interests. Consider what hobbies, activities, or causes fuel your passions. Then join groups, clubs, or teams that cater to those interests.

Attending an ongoing event or activity, such as a class or monthly meeting, often works best because of the "mere exposure effect." The mere exposure effect principle simply means that the more people see an individual, the more they like them.

Examples of activities that might fuel your passions and help you meet people after you move are:

  • Volunteering at a local agency that advocates for something you believe in

  • Playing on an intramural sports team

  • Joining a faith community

  • Attending art, dance, or exercise classes

  • Signing up for a book club

  • Joining a gym. Often joining a specialty gym such as PureBarre or Crossfit will increase your chances of making friends more than joining a general gym.

Take Your Dog to a Park

Pets provide an excellent opportunity for a conversation, so just taking your dog for a walk may help you meet a new friend. If you don't live near a park, consider walking the dog downtown or another place where you'll encounter other people.

Go to Places With Trivia Night Events

While most people join pub trivia nights as part of a team, typically, new folks will show up and need a team. The trivia game manager can pair the newcomers together, providing you with an opportunity to get to know new people.

Visit Local Shops

Even if you are typically an online shopper, it pays to shop at local stores when you want to meet new people. You'll get to know shop owners as well as meet other people who are committed to their community.

Local coffee shops can provide double benefits. Not only do they offer you the opportunity to meet people there, but they also typically have bulletin boards that display flyers for various activities. You may find one that's perfect for you and connects you with like-minded individuals.

Use Technology

Several apps can help you make friends after you move to your new city. For example, EatWith is an app for Apple or Android devices that allows you to set up dinner parties, restaurant meals, cooking classes, or other food-related events with other people looking to meet new folks. OneTable enables young adults to coordinate Shabbat dinners. is an online list of events happening in your town with options to sign up for them. Facebook groups for your new town also can help you find events and engage in online conversations with others in your community.

Moving Made Easy

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