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How Can I Best Help the Movers on Moving Day?

Moving day is almost here — aren't you glad you hired professional movers to make your life easier? There's nothing that improves the moving experience more than working with professionals who know what they're doing.

But if you're like many people, you're not sure what your role should be on the big day. Should you pitch in and help? Or is it better to stay out of the team's way as they do their jobs?

Of course, every moving company will have their own specific guidelines — so before they arrive, read their policies. When they arrive, ask them what they prefer your role to be. They'll let you know if they want (or don't want) your help.

That said, here's what you can do to best help the movers on moving day.

Complete Packing Before Movers Arrive

Unless you paid for a full-service move that includes packing, be sure to finish packing before the movers arrive. If they arrive on moving day and you're not ready to go, that means you're paying them to stand around and wait. That doesn't make sense for anyone.

Instead, ensure that you have packed, secured, and labeled every box before the movers get there. Then, when your items are ready to be loaded onto the truck, that just makes everyone's job easier.

Arrange for Pet and Child Care

On moving day, doors may need to be propped open for extended periods, and people will be going in and out. So, naturally, you don't want your pets and young children to be among them.

Arrange for sitters if you're too busy to keep a constant eye on your children and pets. For example, movers can't do their jobs safely if children or pets run around underfoot, and they can't keep track of who is in and out of the home.

Clear All Pathways

Movers are responsible for moving large, heavy objects in and out of your home. Ensure they can do their job by clearing all pathways ahead of time.

Make sure all hallways and doorways are clear so movers can maneuver — that means outdoors, too. Clear all walkways and sidewalks of objects, such as children's toys, and free from snow and ice in the winter.

Secure Parking Areas at Your Old and New Home

Movers need to park the truck as close to your home as possible. This may mean taking steps to secure parking space.

Will your movers need a permit or a parking pass, or do you have to reserve a parking space or an elevator? Take care of these steps well ahead of time so that your movers don’t have to wait.

Remain Available to Answer Questions

One thing that all movers want is for you to be available to answer questions. Questions will inevitably arise, so make sure your movers can find you for answers.

Even if you're not actively helping with the move, stick around the house. Let the movers know if you have to step out for a minute.

Pro Movers Make it Easier 

These steps can help make moving day go smoothly and be less stressful for all involved.

If you still need to secure your professional mover, contact us for a free quote.