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5 Ways to Keep Pets Safe While Packing

Moving with pets is one thing. However, trying to pack for a household move while they get in the way is another matter entirely.

You want to make progress, but cats and dogs can make packing harder. So try these tips to occupy them safely away from your packing areas.

1. Create Pet-Safe Rooms

The first thing you can do is select one or two rooms where your pets can have the fewest restrictions. Next, you need to keep your pets out of your packing supplies, which will be easier to do if they have a designated safe room to play.

Choose a room that your pet is familiar with. It’s also a good idea if the room doesn’t need a ton of packing. Ensure that your pet has access to everything they need, like food, water, bedding, and toys.

2. Transition Slowly

Pets tend to pick up on their owners’ moving stress and then in-turn react with unusual behaviors. So, do it gradually if you have to move their typical sleeping or relaxation routines. Give them time to get used to the space before you start leaving them in there for long periods.

Be sure to balance packing time and time to engage with your pet. The last thing you need is to put your pet into a room you think is safe, only to discover that they destroyed your couch in your absence.

3. Pack Boxes Away From Pets

Pets have a habit of disrupting the packing process. As such, you should keep your packing station away from the places your pets typically spend time.

If you can, choose a closet to store packing supplies. Cats will scratch cardboard and try to get into an open box. Minimizing their access helps keep them safe and ensures that your supplies last for the move.

4. Stage Boxes Safely

If you’re planning to stage boxes at home, choose a room that your pet doesn’t have access to. Stacked boxes can be a toppling hazard for pets, especially those that like to climb.

If you don’t have a dedicated room to stage boxes, you might consider looking for temporary storage. But again, your mover may have options.

When you move boxes from one room to another, make sure your pets can’t get in the way. Putting them in another room is a great way to keep them from getting underfoot.

5. Ask for Help on Moving Day

In the last week before moving day, you may need extra help. This is a great time to ask a close friend or relative to take your dog for a walk so that you can keep working.

On moving day, it may be best to relocate your pets to a safe location nearby. That way, they don’t get in the movers’ way. You’re also not worried about them so that you can focus on the move.

Moving Help

Taking care of your pets sometimes comes in conflict with your packing goals. These tips allow you to stay productive. For more information about your upcoming move, schedule a free estimate today.