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5 Quick Ways to Empty a Home When Relocating

Many people take weeks or months to empty a home in preparation for a household move. But, unfortunately, some people only get a week to vacate, possibly even less.

Emptying the home takes time, but there are ways to speed up the process. With these tips, you can make more progress each day.

1. Do a Quick Sort of Belongings

When you start packing a home, you may find it easy to lose time sorting through small items. It’s surprising how long it takes to pack a room with much storage or decor.

To make faster progress, you should start with a quick sort. First, go through each room and list big items you can easily remove.

Save the rooms with the most clutter for last. Then, you’ll have more momentum to deal with them once you know the other rooms are clear.

2. Find a Temporary Staging Place

In an ideal world, people can move from one home to another in one step. However, in reality, quick moving usually requires a temporary staging place.

It’s common to rent a storage unit, which allows you to put boxes and furniture in a different place. Depending on your moving plans, you may be able to use the garage or a shed.

When choosing a storage unit or other staging place, ensure it is large enough for your needs. Also, look for options close to your home or convenient to access along main roads.

3. Research Local Donation Services

Although you may spend most of your time sorting and packing items, you shouldn’t discount the time it takes to get things out of the house. In addition, if you’re not planning to keep certain items, it may not make sense for you to be the one to take them somewhere else.

If you want to donate large items or furniture, look for charities or thrift stores in your area. Some may be willing to pick up the items from your home at a time that works for you.

4. Hire Professional Packing Services

Removing a few pieces of furniture from the house is easier than many smaller pieces. This is where professional packers can come in handy.

Packing services allow you to set a date for the packing. Then, they arrive and pack your items appropriately for transport. Depending on the service and the number of packers, they can work much more quickly than you can.

5. Hire Professional Movers

Once you pack all the items, you need a fast and effective way to move them. Again, professional moving services are ideal for packing and moving.

Movers have experience in transporting furniture, appliances, and boxes. They know how to load a vehicle and minimize the likelihood of damage. They can complete the process within a few hours, depending on the distance.

Quickly emptying a house takes some organization. Our services can help. To learn more about what you need for your upcoming move, contact us for a free quote.